Membership in the Indiana SACCHO provides opportunities for collaboration, sharing of best practices, access to resources and training, input into the development of policy and position statements, and opportunities to keep abreast of and advocate for legislation to benefit the health of Indiana citizens. Local health departments in Indiana are encouraged to work together to provide the mandated public health services and to work towards improved public health rankings for our state.

Regular Membership

Health officers, health department staff, and members of local boards of health are all covered by one annual population-based dues fee for the calendar year. A brief application form formalizes that membership. The annual dues may be paid by check (invoices are sent to health departments), by direct deposit (contact Pamela Todd for details at or by credit card by selecting the appropriate membership form:

Health Officer, Staff, Board Members $100 (Population: 1 to 199,999)

Health Officer, Staff, Board Members $200 (Population 200,000-499,999)

Health Officer, Staff, Board Members $2500 (Population 500,000 and above)

Affiliate Membership

We welcome faculty and graduate students in our schools of public health, individuals associated with public health, and organizations interested in public health. Affiliate members will receive communications, have opportunities to participate in discussions and surveys, and attend business meetings and any training facilitated by the Indiana SACCHO. Please complete the appropriate membership form. You may pay by credit card by clicking on the appropriate Add to Cart button below. Or you may pay by check made payable to IAPHP&LHDO, Inc., and mail to 8063 Madison Avenue, PMB 289, Indianapolis, IN 46227. For direct deposit information, please contact Pamela Todd at

Public Health Professional Individual $35

Public Health Related Organization $100

Public Health Student $25